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Selecting a Rehab SNF After Surgery to Replace Your Hip or Knee

Sometimes going directly to your home after surgery to replace a hip or knee might not be the right decision.  Going home after surgery may lead to a slower recovery. So, reach out to your health care provider before surgery and get their advice.

Talk with your discharge planner to help you make the bests decision, especially if you decide you would like rehab care in a skilled nursing facility.  Do you research. Before your surgery, it is important to decide which facility you would like to be admitted to after hospital discharge. Many consider location and the facility’s reputation as key factors in making this decision.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine’s Medline Plus blog article, “Skilled Nursing Facilities After Joint Replacement,” suggests that you choose three facility options.  If your first choice is not available, the hospital can consider transferring you to either of your other two options.

 Things to Think About

According to Medline Plus’s blog article, there are specific things to consider if you are considering to be discharged to your home.  It’s important to get around your home, from kitchen, bedroom to bathroom, using your cane, walker or crutches.  Ask yourself, can you get in and out of your chair without needing assistance?  Make sure that you are able to walk around your home from your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Go up and down stairs, if there is no other way to avoid them.

A complicated surgery and not having access to caregivers are factors that may prevent you being discharged directly to your home. Because of where you live, you need to be stronger or more mobile before going home.

Medical issues, including infections and a surgical wound that does not heal, may keep you from going home right away.  Your recovery may be slowing by having diabetes, lung and heart problems.

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Ask to be transferred to Freeport, New York-based Meadowbrook Care Center if you require skilled nursing facility for short-term rehab after knee or hip replacement surgery. We provide customized, short-term rehab utilizing two fully-equipped gyms with the latest muscle retraining and strengthening devices. Physical and Occupational therapy programs are available, overseen by our warm and energetic staff.

Call Meadowbrook Care Center at (516) 377-8200.

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