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Respiratory Care Week

The field of medicine known as respiratory care focuses on the promotion of ideal cardiopulmonary function, health, and wellness. Respiratory therapists identify, treat, and combat conditions that damage the lungs.

Our lungs are the doorway that can help us lead a healthy life. Which is why the importance of taking great care of ourselves cannot be stressed enough. Specialists in respiratory care are the unsung heroes that improve the quality of life for countless individuals worldwide by assisting them in maintaining healthy lungs!

Respiratory therapy has not been a popular practice among the general population for decades. The week-long celebration of the field of respiratory care serves to raise awareness of the value of lung health. There are currently over 100,000 respiratory therapists residing in the United States. Celebrate this week by having the most vital organ in your body checked!

Every breath we take is a gift given to us by our lungs. Let us continue to lead healthy lives and take care of ourselves.

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