Meadowbrook Care Center

A Wonderful Surprise!

In order to help protect our residents, Meadowbrook Care Center closed it’s doors to visitors during this difficult time. Although we continue to keep our residents connected to their loved one, we still felt that there was more that could be done to keep positivity in the air . Fortunately, Ms. Carnacchio, a seventh-grade English teacher at Baldwin Middle School, reached out to us with a lovely idea.

Her students were reading “Rising Water” by Marc Aronson, focusing on theme of banding together in a time of crisis. How coincidental?

Ms. Carnacchio knew that we were no longer accepting visitors into our facility, but wanted to bring positivity and hope to our residents. Her students wrote beautiful letters to our Meadowbrook residents reminding them to be hopeful. We printed out these letters and distributed to all of our residents. They’re eyes shined with hope as they read the student’s letters, and you could sense the atmosphere cheering up, a truly amazing moment.


Thank you to Ms. Carbacchio, and her students for the lovely words and letters!

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