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Advanced Rehab

Meadowbrook Care Center is a national leader in the provision of superior physical rehabilitation services. Our patients benefit from a level of expertise unmatched for effectiveness and efficiency.

Lisa Perroni
Lisa Perroni
June 7, 2023
When my loved one arrived at Meadowbrook Care Center in January he was in very poor condition. He was placed in the Respiratory Care Unit (1A). He was unresponsive and I was not sure what his future would be like. I met many people that evening and felt reassured that people in his condition have recovered and walked out of there. Jaye in reception was the first person to greet me and make me feel at ease. Jaye was always friendly, helpful and encouraging. There were so many people who were encouraging. I would like to recognize them and I apologize if I mess up some of the names or miss some people. Brian in recreation, thank you for visiting with me his first weekend there and making me feel better. You asked me what interests my loved one had and made sure you provided him with the music he liked. You also stopped in just to say hi to him and he appreciated the visits. The first CNA I met was Ilyana. She took great care of my loved one and made him look and feel like a human again. She always had words of encouragement and my loved one still talks about her until this day. My loved one was not easy. He forgot he could not walk and often tried to get out of bed. CNA Marie took the time to give him a pep talk and remind him that a fall could be a major setback. Head nurse Marie kept me informed and updated on his health. Nurse Joyce was always a comforting presence. I could always count on her to keep an eye on my loved one when I was not there. The entire respiratory team lead by Marvin, thank you for working so hard to get my loved one off of the ventilator and eventually removing his trach tube. And Liz and Alex in physical therapy. Thank you for working so hard with him. Thanks to you, he is walking on his own and going up and down the stairs unassisted. Thanks to speech/swallow therapy and the dieticians who helped him to enjoy food again. After 3 months, my loved one walked out of Meadowbrook Care Center. He is happy to be home but does miss the people he met there. I would definitely recommend MCC to a loved one.
Alan Wulff
Alan Wulff
June 4, 2023
Easy check in, friendly wonderful security and facility staff, very helpful and caring, efficient. Very clean building inside
Deborah Guglielmo
Deborah Guglielmo
June 3, 2023
My Mom has been a resident at Meadowbrook Care Center for the last 3 1/2 years. The care she has received has been excellent. For most of her residency at Meadowbrook she has been in Unit 2C and Michael was her head RN. There are no words that can express the gratitude my family and myself have for Michael. He is always on top of everything and always keeps me informed. Recently he was moved to a different Unit and yet he has still been there for my Mom. I sleep easier knowing that along with Michael there are many good staffers working at Meadowbrook.
Carolyn Melilli
Carolyn Melilli
May 29, 2023
My overall experience here at Meadowbrook Care Center has been excellent. I found everyone in Therapies to be most supportive and kind in getting me to the place of comfort in heading home. Jamie went the extra mile and was outstanding as my Physical Therapist and Eric as my Occupational Therapist also. Zach my personal transport to and from Therapy was a delight and his help was very much appreciated. My Aides were assigned to many patients (residents) yet it was my experience to have been cared for well by nearly every one of them in an excellent manner almost as though I was their only. I was very pleased with those assigned me. Arnold who I had for weekend therapy really heard my apprehensions and “walked” me through what needed to be accomplished in getting back to my house. Thanks for that too! A shout out to Michael , the nurse manager, who was great, Tammy K, who was one of the first smiling faces I saw, Jaye, Melissa, and everyone who helped in keeping the area tidy and cared for. Thanks to Jaye additionally for being so helpful with social work questions from my admission until my discharge. Menu choices were given within reason based on special dietary needs. The food was very good. A bit difficult to make choices though on a week-at-a-glance basis. At times what should have been served hot, was a little more at room temperature, but surely tasty still. It would certainly have been nice to mix up weekday breakfast meals. I am appreciative of the culinary staff. The staff on the floor who helped me were attentive and accommodating. I appreciate Michael, the Nursing Staff Manager, all my nurses who were very much aware of which medications were being given at the appropriate time of day and always with a kind and gentle heart. There was plenty to do daily on the recreational level if so desired. Sometimes they pushed a bit much to get me to go. Overall, all questions asked of staff were addressed and I am thankful for the care received. Thank you Meadowbrook Care Center.
Candy Tonkowich
Candy Tonkowich
May 26, 2023
Michael, Lorraine, and Mrs. Gray on 2A took such amazing care of me on 2A. Thank you for your warmth and kindness during my stay!
Orvia Williams
Orvia Williams
May 26, 2023
What a great stay my loved one had at Meadowbrook. Lorraine my CNA took such great care of me along with Laurent LPN and Michael Nurse Manager on 2A. Nathalie and Jaye were caring and compassionate Social Workers who are such an asset to the facility. Rehab was perfect including Roger, PT Alex, Cookie, and Nancy. My dad will miss Michael who made such an impact on him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care.
Lisa Cangemi
Lisa Cangemi
May 24, 2023
Wonderful facility for multiple reasons! Safe and excellent cleanliness and protection. The staff is extremely professional and welcoming!
Antoinette Eason
Antoinette Eason
May 23, 2023
Michael unit manager/Natalie social worker/front desk Quasia Jay /unit 2 nurse Gail they were very patient and considerate to my father needs


Residents are treated to delicious meals prepared daily by our Five Star Chef.


I would give 5 stars to this location because, during my mom's treatment in this center, everybody was so nice, courteous, respectful and compassionate. Nurses like Laurent LPN was always very cheerful, dedicated to her job ,compassionate and funny. Nurse Laurene RN was one of our favorite. She was always soft-spoken, easy to be with, efficient and darling. Gelli Ann was awesome and nice. St. Hubert Adeline was sweet, caring and gentle. Lorraine Brown CNA was very nice to talk to. Jackie Gale was chipper, cute and compassionate. MIchael Colorio always greeted us with a big smile and helped us, PIerre Renon was well informed and gentleman. Jennifer Smith was always cooperative and full of youthful energy, Dianna Diaz was awesome, quick to help and kind. Cadet and Kenia were very sweet and kind as well. Social worker Nathalie Lafrance was very sweet , well informed, efficient and helpful. Arfa from (Recreation dept.) was very nice to my mom and spoke my mom’s dialect and made a very good rapport with my mom. Cathy the nutritionist was very compassionate and easy to be with. My mom doesn’t speak English but despite this barrier, everybody made my mom very comfortable. My gratitude to everybody and salute to all these heroes. .Jay and Kanesha at front desk were always greeted cheerfully and respectfully. All together it was a very nice heart touching experience. Thank you to all, love you guys, keeping touching others life the way you did to us. Good luck!

- Harry

"Meadowbrook Care Center is my place to call home"

“Meadowbrook Care Center is a safe, warm, and caring environment for my dear mother. After our friend experienced stays at two different rehab facilities in the area, and then subsequently toured Meadowbrook, she determined Meadowbrook offered more amenities that better suited her lifestyle, at a much better value, than other facilities. We appreciate the support and care provided by the staff to our dear friend Meadowbrook is a superior skilled nursing facility full of individuals that care for your loved ones when they can no longer totally care for themselves.”

- Erma Levinson

“This is now my Dad’s home and we are so thankful for that. I feel good about him being here and know that they take care of his every need. The Staff is warm and caring.”

- Alice Ryan

“I love that mom is in the Meadowbrook Care Center. The amenities and meals are fabulous. Every staff member knows her name and greets her with a smile. We have searched a long time to find a facility that combines all the medical and health services needed along with a wonderful assortment of amenities.”

- Carol and Steve Forrister

There is no place like Meadowbrook Care Center. That is what my family knows and believes after seven years of loving care for our mother. You are the best, and we will let everyone know it.”

- Joyce Black

"As a family, we feel truly blessed that Mom is at Meadowbrook. Your caring staff of Doctors, nurses and aides is amazing. It is a pleasure to visit because the staff is always so friendly and helpful. My mother loves her aides and nurses and they love her. That gives us such peace of mind. Thank you for easing our fears and concerns that she is safe and cared for.”

- Kim and Bruce Farris

“Thank you all for making my mother’s last years of her life so wonderful. I know that she thought of all of you as her family. Everyone was always so kind and helpful. Without the love and care you gave her, I don’t know what we would have done. The work you do is so very important and I thank you with all of my heart for taking care of my mother. I will miss you all.”

- Leslie Weathers

Dear Administrator,

Our mother is at Meadowbrook Rehab. Mom arrived there from the hospital on 12/13/2016.
Both my Sister and I were so upset worrying about our Mother’s care. But, from the minute we entered the doors of Meadowbrook, we were amazed.
It’s not a Rehab. It’s a Resort. Meadowbrook is beautiful, clean, cheery and fresh smelling.
Both my Sister and I have been to see our Mother every day at different times and we found that all the Nurses and Aids are truly angels.
I have seen how they care for all the patients not just my Mother but for every one on the floor.
The Nurses and Aids are all so professional, caring, wonderful and with so much patience.
On one of my first visits my Daughter and I were crying so hard that Nurse R gave us such comfort and explained all the help my Mother would receive and that I was doing the best thing for my Mom and Nurse R even spoke to my Mother and had her smiling. I knew then that everything would be alright.
When you talk to people about Meadowbrook Rehab you only hear good things, well it’s because of all the great people who work there. Even the hairstylist was so sweet to my Mother. All the girls at the front desk are so helpful and sweet too.
Thank you Meadowbrook. Thank you so much for the care given to our Mother, and the support to our family.

- JF

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